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Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Association

FAQ's and How Do I?

The most reliable and current information concerning Certified Revenue Examiner courses should be obtained from the Government and Economic Development Institute at

Note: The ALTIST program for Certified Revenue Examiners is not affiliated with AMROA. Information concerning the program is only provided as a convenience to those AMROA members participating in the program. AMROA bears no responsibility for inaccurate information posted on this website regarding the Certified Revenue Examiner program.

Summer Conference and CMRO Certification Sessions – Visit – for current information concerning events.

Winter Conference – Visit – for current information concerning events.

The purpose of the Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Certification Program is to improve the professional, administrative, and fiscal skills of participating municipal revenue officers through a series of courses approved by the Municipal Revenue Officers Association. Because of the increasing complexity of municipal revenue administration, this certification program is designed to help municipal revenue officers develop their management skills and abilities and obtain more expertise and status in their profession as they serve their communities.

For an individual to maintain certified status in the Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Association, a total of twenty (20) hours must be attended in either an AMROA sponsored workshop, conference, or certification training sessions every two years.

If an individual who has achieved certified status is not employed within the scope of a municipal revenue function for a continuous period of five years, or fails to maintain certification, that individual’s certified status becomes inactive.

To reactivate certified status with AMROA, the individual must attend a two and one half day session of an Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Certification Training Institute.

For additional information, please contact Keslie Fendley-Program Manager, Professional Development and Conference Services The University of Alabama via e-mail, or phone.

For a complete AMROA Course Outline, Descriptions, and Topical Index click here.

For additional training and professional development opportunities offered by Auburn University click here, Center for Governmental Services.

The AMROA maintains a listserv through Google Groups. Participating in the Listserv is optional for each member, however, every member is encouraged to join the listserv. The listserv allows members to post messages, inquiries, or bulletins related to revenue administration. These messages are e-mailed to all other participating listserv members and may be responded to individually.

If you would like to participate in the listserv, please e-mail, and provide the e-mail address you would like to use to receive listserv messages. Only members whose dues are paid in the current Association year are permitted to participate in the listserv. You should receive an e-mail invitation within a few days to join the listserv.

Currently participating members of the listserv may post messages by email to, or may view an archive of posted messages online at:

If you have questions regarding the Alabama Municipal Revenue Officers Association, Inc. or this website, please contact the President, Timeka Cunningham.

Requests may be submitted by e-mail and must contain the following information:

Full Name
Municipality Name
Current Mailing Address
Daytime Telephone Number
Submit Request To: AMROA Transcript Request

The purpose of AMROA is to promote the proficiency and professionalism of municipal revenue officials through education, training, association, and through the mutual exchange of information.

In addition to the many training opportunities available to members of the Association, this website contains another resource exclusively for members to communicate more efficiently and effectively. This features is a listserv that allows members to post messages, inquiries, or bulletins related to revenue administration. These messages can be viewed by all other members and responded to individually. Additionally, membership also will allow you to be sent e-mail updates regarding upcoming events, training opportunities, or time-sensitive legislative information.

Membership is available in three levels: regular membership, associate membership, and subscribing member. Please refer to Article 3 of the Association Bylaws to determine which type of membership is most appropriate for your application.

For an Individual Membership Application, Click Here.

For a City Membership Application, Click Here.

Legislative Updates are available through the following link:

You can find that information in the links below:

SST Commission Preliminary Report

Tennessee Study

Main Street Fairness Act 2011

Marketplace Equity Act 2011

Market Place Fairness Act 2011

HB649-int 2003 Stremline Bill

HB472-int 2001 Streamline Bill

Sales Tax Commission Legislation HB355

Draft of the Report from the SST Commission (August 3 2012) (Initiates the 45 day comment period)

You can find the latest roster by Clicking Here. File is a MS Excel Doc, clicking the link will prompt you to save it to your computer.

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